5th June 2016 - Caddington and Paxton Pits

The 5th June heralded a trip to Cambridgeshire via Bedfordshire, to try and see two birds that had been hanging about that week.  The first was a Rose-coloured Starling, in Caddington.  It had been spending time in the back garden of a residential area, so we parked up and wandered up and down the road for a bit, hoping to catch sight of the bird without looking *too* suspicious.  We were kindly invited into one of the back gardens, the one next to where it had been seen earlier that day and we spent some time there, hoping it would return.  After half an hour or so, we went for another wander and then admitted defeat.  As we were returning to the car, we happened to glance down the side of another house and Stuart spotted it perched nicely at the top of a tree!

Banded Demoiselle
It was then on to Paxton Pits, where Stuart again proved on fine form, rocking up to the lake where the Great Reed Warbler had been reported and getting on it within approximately 10 seconds - when we spoke to the others who were there, they said they hadn't seen it in the last hour!  Jammy whatsit.  I still haven't seen a normal Reed Warbler this year...

Tern raft