End of 2012!

Unfortunately I didn't update my blog recently and have completely forgotten our trips in the last month or so.  I promise to be better next year!  I also had a lovely person manage to pour a beer into my bag at a bar, so I am phone and camera less - not useful for documenting trips.  The blog was to be a year long thing, but I did have a lot of fun doing it (when I got around to it!) so it will now be 'Therese Goes Birding' in general, not just 2012.  The web address will also change, to http://theresegoesbirding.blogspot.co.uk/.

The year saw a list of 174, a total that I'm quite disappointed with.  The first 6 months of the year were excellent, with 150 hit in early May.  However, due to illnesses and brief lack of car, bird watching floundered a bit in the second half of 2012.  I aim for 200 next year, which I feel should be easily achievable if I manage to get healthy and stay like that!  A far higher total would be lovely.

I've been thinking of highlights of 2012.  As a recent twitch, the Desert Wheatear at Abberton Reservoir in November sticks in my mind, I think she was a beautiful bird and a delight to see.  Hopping on a train from the Olympic Village to Rainham Marshes to get there an hour before (late) closing and see the Baillon's Crake in late September was also a great memory.  A host of new birds were seen throughout the year, with UK additions to my life list numbering around 35.  I also had my first dedicated bird watching trip, which was to Hungary, a place I am now obsessed with - however, my attempts at learning Hungarian are proving a little futile!  This trip produced 31 lifers in 5 days (with some wine tasting sneaked in!), my favourite of which was a Little Bittern I spotted.

I also am debating starting patch birding one or so a week at Southwark Park and using it to also learn trees, plants, butterflies...the list goes on!

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely birding 2012 and best wishes for the year ahead!  Here's hoping for some excellent feathered visitors.


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