26th January 2013 - Big Garden Birdwatch

As our balcony gets a grand total of zero birds, despite the bird feeder with about 60 different bird food holders on it, we decamped to Buckinghamshire for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  On the journey there up the M40, there seemed to be more Red Kite swooping around than usual and I spotted a stately Buzzard on the top of a lampost.  This of course set of longing for Hungary where there is a Buzzard sitting on the top of everything post like...

We totalled 13 species throughout the hour, in order of frequency:

=1 Blackbird
=1 Starling
=1 Woodpigeon
=1 Blue Tit
=5 Collared Dove
=5 Robin
7 Great Tit
=8 Coal Tit
=8 Chaffinch
=8 Song Thrush
=8 Magpie
=8 Carrion Crow
=8 Great Spotted Woodpecker

There was a Red Kite teasing me throughout by circling directly above the garden but not settling down, so I couldn't count it.  Gah.

By the way, if anyone wants to start a bird B&B in Hungary, I'll happily run it for you...!


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