17th August 2013 - Rutland Water

So after Birdfair finished we headed down and around to the centre at the Osprey viewpoint. Without even leaving the centre we got a great little bird, Tree Sparrow. We so rarely see these (off the top of my head, I can only think of Dungeness as a place to spot them!) that they are always a great treat. We sat and watched them for a while before realised we should probably get walking down to the hide! On the walk we spotted a range of birds, from multitudes of Mute Swan, to a lone Swift.

Tree Sparrow 
Upon entering the hide, the most noticeable thing wasn’t actually the Osprey nest, but a tree directly in front, covered in Cormorant! It was a great sight. Over to the left, there was the Osprey nest, with a juvenile sat in it and an adult sat on a post to the left. They remained in these positions and eventually another adult flew in, with some food for the youngster. I enjoyed watching this one dipping his feet in the water to wash them, but unfortunately didn't manage to get a photo.

Cormorant tree
Plenty of Little Egret were around and ridiculous number of Pied Wagtails were hopping on the banks. A flock of Canada Goose had a single Greylag Goose hanging out with them and a small family of Egyptian Goose were spotted on the far bank over to the right. A couple of Common Tern and Greenshank finished the watch and we headed back to the car.

Trip list: 24
Year list: 174
Lifers of year list: 22

Swallows on the roof at the B&B