26th January 2014 - London Wetland Centre

The day after my somewhat alcohol filled birthday party we actually managed to get up and popped to the London Wetland Centre for a short walk around.  This proved to be a good idea as we met people in the Peacock Tower who had just seen a couple of Jack Snipe and were scoping the area where they were last seen.  Within minutes a stripy bird made a dash for it, inadvertently revealing the other bird happily sitting in the vegetation where he remained at least until we left the hide, a good half an hour after.  These two were only my second and third Jack Snipe, so I greatly enjoyed viewing them. 


We managed an excellent list of 40 species, with another highlight being a lone Brambling on the feeders which showed briefly.  One of my favourite ducks is the Pintail and a pair of these were asleep quite close to the hide.

Pair of Pintail

Trip list: 40
Year list: 65
Lifers of year list: 2

Otter <3


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