4th to 6th November 2016 - Scotland

Our weekend trip up to Scotland wasn't specifically for birding, but we did manage to fit a couple of little bits in.  We started with a trip to a small bit of water in Pitlochry where a Ring-necked Duck apparently was.  We saw him before we ever got out of the car, happily bobbing around.  We then headed up to Glenshee in yet another futile attempt to see Ptarmigan.  Plenty of Red Grouse, but no Ptarmigan to be seen.  However, we arrived in the blazing sun and 15 minutes later were engulfed by an incredible blizzard which instantly took the visibility right down - that was pretty interesting!  Half an hour later and we were back to blazing sun.  Crazy.

Ring-necked Duck
View from Glenshee ski centre before blizzard
On the way back to the airport we had a hunt around Kinross for Waxwing (no takers) and also a stop off in Musselburgh.  This proved quite productive, with Red-breasted Merganser, Eider and Long-tailed Duck amongst hundreds of Oystercatcher, as well as Stonechat, Twite and a Bar-tailed Godwit. We hadn't brought the scope, so whilst we could see a raft of black ducks that looked as though they could have held the Surf Scoter, we weren't actually able to check unfortunately.



Lots of Oystercatcher


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