2017 Recap

How on *earth* did I get through an entire year without posting a blog post?!  I saw some pretty cool birds (and other animals!) so I'm not very impressed with myself.  I shall try to do better this year.

A quick run down of the birds of 2017 then...

UK birding wasn't really paid attention to too much, but I did get to see my first White-winged Black Tern, which was awesome.

The main trip of the year was to Honduras and the second I left I wanted to go back.  Part of the trip was at the gorgeous Pico Bonito which I can highly recommend for a relaxing bird watching base.  We had two superb guides, Elmer and Esdras, both great guys with amazing bird knowledge.  Here's basically a photo dump from the trip.

I did a bit of birding in Central Park on my first trip to New York on an organised bird walk.  Great fun!

August was the time of the other big trip of the year - not a birding one but obviously some took place!  A couple of days in Singapore produced some very cool birds, birding in Australia for the first time was amazing (and I found an echidna!) and on the way home a stop off in the Maldives produced tropicbirds, a resident heron and a couple of waders.

Towards the end of the year was the annual trip to Las Vegas and I especially enjoyed my walk around the Springs Preserve.  I thought I'd left plenty of time to visit but it was so interesting that I ended up not having enough time - will allocate a lot more time this year!


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