27th April - Santiago, Cape Verde

 The final stop on the Hondius was Praia in Santiago and we hopped out and immediately went on a day-long birding tour which was great fun.  At the first stop there were good sightings of Cream-coloured Courser, Greater Hoopoe-lark and Black-crowned Sparrow-lark.  Hopping about in the bushes were also the endemic Iago Sparrow.  

Onwards to the next stop where we were lucky enough to catch up with the Cape Verde Buzzard.  As we were driving between all these stops we were also seeing numerous Grey-headed Kingfisher which really are beautiful.

Grey-headed Kingfisher

A stop off at the dam was a bit lacking but then as we headed back to the buses I picked up a Spectacled Warbler so it was not all in vain!  

Some gorgeous plants
Finished off the day with Cape Verde Swift and Cape Verde Warbler and that was the end of the birding for the trip, although I would go onwards to meet with friends in Lisbon and Funchal before heading home.  

Cape Verde Warbler

Life List: 1128


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