5th February 2012 - Hampstead Heath

A large unexpected (by us two anyway!) snowfall the night before meant we headed up to Hampstead Heath, along with most of London, to galavant in the snow.  The usual suspects were found here, along with the most posing Robin I have ever seen in my life!  He hopped up to a log about a foot away and then stood there, twisting and turning into all sorts of poses for the eager photographers. 


There were also some rather impressive snow sculptures, including this one:

We spotted 2 new birds for 2012 on this trip, the Jay and Mandarin.

1) Mute Swan
2) Coot
3) Mallard
4) Black-headed Gull
5) Great Crested Grebe
6) Moorhen
7) Great Tit
8) Blue Tit
9) Long-tailed Tit
10) Blackbird
11) Coal Tit
12) Magpie
13) Jay
14) Dunnock
15) Ring-necked Parakeet
16) Wren
17) Shoveler
18) Mandarin
19) Carrion Crow
20) Robin

My year list for 2012 comes to 90.


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