12th February 2012 - London Wetland Centre

This week it was back to our favoutire haunt, the London Wetland Centre again, as they had a reptiles weekend.  We headed straight for a cooked breakfast and then into the Observatory for a meet the reptiles event.  As adorable as the tiny crocodile was, a Snipe was right up to the window which was distracting us and even worse was when I spotted a dark shape amongst the reeds - a first Bittern spot for me.  I was very proud of myself!  The usual birds were around and Stuart got some lovely shots of another Bittern later in the day which I shall put up when he gets around to uploading them to his computer.  A bird was seen darting from one set of reeds to another, a Cetti's Warbler?  Unfortunately I'm not strong enough in my identification of Warblers to count it, but I rather think it may have been!


1) Mute Swan
2) Coot
3) Moorhen
4) Ring-necked Parakeet
5) Starling
6) Carrion Crow
7) Robin
8) Snipe
9) Bittern
10) Tufted Duck
11) Gadwall
12) Little Grebe
13) Grey Heron
14) Shoveler
15) Lapwing
16) Greenfinch
17) Reed Bunting
18) Magpie
19) Water Rail
20) Canada Goose
21) Blue Tit
22) Lesser Black-backed Gull
23) Black-headed Gull
24) Stonechat
25) Great Crested Grebe
26) Wigeon
27) Great Tit
28) Blackbird
29) Chaffinch
30) Mallard

My year list for 2012 comes to 101.


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