12th May 2012 - Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough is definitely up there in my top birdwatching sites.  It's a great mix of habitats and we have come away with long and interesting lists both times we have ventured there.  I was on usual Treecreeper spotting form and saw one within a few minutes, with plenty more seen throughout the next couple of hours.  A small group of people alerted us to a site where a Nightingale had been singing earlier but all was silent.  As we headed to the wooded area where Goldcrest and Firecrest are often seen, we heard a very recognisable song start up and hurried back to see the Nightingale, right out in the open for all to see. 

The Nightingale refused to look at me so this is the best picture I could get.

There were Whitethroat and Blackcap around, with a pair of Bullfinch hiding at the back of a tree and two Marsh Harrier sweeping above. 

Snoozy Squirrel.
Later on a view of a nearby Jay from a hide and 6 baby Moorhen were added to the list and 2 Hobby were the talk of the hide. 

Pretty Jay!
One of 6 baby Moorhen.
On the way home we popped into a The Lamb Inn in Lamb's Green for a lovely fish based lunch.


1) Magpie
2) Swift
3) Blue Tit
4) Chiffchaff
5) Robin
6) Treecreeper
7) Carrion Crow
8) Rook
9) Nightingale
10) Chaffinch
11) Bullfinch
12) Marsh Harrier
13) Blackcap
14) Whitethroat
15) Dunnock
16) Blackbird
17) Jackdaw
18) Great Tit
19) Jay
20) Coot
21) Moorhen
22) Shelduck
23) Tufted Duck
24) Mute Swan
25) Mallard
26) Lapwing
27) Swallow
28) Shoveler
29) Teal
30) Little Egret
31) Pheasant
32) Magpie
33) Greenfinch
34) Linnet
35) Hobby
36) Goldfinch
37) Greylag Goose
38) Canada Goose

My year list for 2012 comes to 149.


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