13th May 2012 - Rainham Marshes

Once upon a time I went to look for birdies and I saw some.  And then I saw some more.  And lived happily ever after.  The end. 

This is Stuart's version of a blog post.  I quite like it.  In other news, we went to Rainham Marshes today and I got horrifically sunburnt again.  We were innundated with Collared Dove as we walked up to the centre and after running back to the car to get the field guide, I spotted a handsome little Wheatear perched upon a log.  He stayed there long enough for me to get to the hide and point him out to Stuart, then he disappeared.  Numerous Little Egret and Grey Heron were present and we managed to pick out some Sedge Warbler to add to our year list.  We kept seeing Wren all over the place, but whether this was one bird or many, we have no idea.  I was very pleased with myself for IDing 2 Redshank mid flight and enjoyed watching the 9 Black-tailed Godwit trying to decide where to land.  We are still on the hunt for a Cuckoo however after missing one by 10 minutes.  Also, I seem to have forgotten I had a camera as the following picture is the only one I took...

1) Collared Dove
2) Little Grebe
3) Little Egret
4) Coot
5) Shelduck
6) Lapwing
7) Grey Heron
8) Sedge Warbler
9) Magpie
10) Canada Goose
11) Wheatear
12) Mallard
13) Wren
14) Reed Bunting
15) Swift
16) Reed Warbler
17) Pheasant
18) Skylark
19) Starling
20) Whitethroat
21) Mute Swan
22) Carrion Crow
23) Swallow
24) Marsh Harrier
25) Hobby
26) Gadwall
27) Black-tailed Godwit
28) Great Crested Grebe
29) Redshank
30) Greylag Goose
31) Tufted Duck
32) Blackbird
33) Woodpigeon
34) Black-headed Gull
35) Robin
36) Dunnock
37) Jackdaw
38) Rook
39) Linnet
40) House Sparrow
41) Chiffchaff
42) Blue Tit
43) Great Tit
44) Chaffinch

My year list for 2012 comes to 150.


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