28th September 2013 - Kent (Cliffe Pools and Oare Marshes)

I was pretty ill this week and weekend, so we only had a gentle bird in Kent.  Cliffe Pools was first up for the Lesser Yellowlegs and we were incredibly lucky – showing as soon as we got there for about 20 minutes then disappearing.  A lovely little bird, looked very at home.  It was surrounded by Ruff which made it easy to pick out.  I had had images in my head of it being surrounded by Greenshank and requiring slightly more work!  A large flock of Wigeon were present, mixed in with a couple of Teal and on another pool, lots of Shoveler.  A low flying Marsh Harrier didn’t seem to upset the birds too much, but I think I was also the only person who got excited about it…

Lesser Yellowlegs

Odd Thrush

There were 3 Green Sandpiper on the pool with the Lesser Yellowlegs and Stuart saw a Snipe fly in, but unfortunately I missed it.  There were lots of Little Grebe as well.

Stuart with a Pied Wagtail we followed down the path

After that we had a quick jaunt to Oare, but the Spotted Crake must have gone to bed as I think we were the only people we met that didn’t see it!  Another time hopefully.  On the way in an odd bird with a white head stopped us in our tracks, after a bit of staring through the binos we realised it must be a juvenile Song Thrush!  A lone House Sparrow was on the path and plenty of Starling and Collared Dove around.  A flock of Avocet had a few Bar-tailed Godwit mixed in and on the pools there were the usual flocks of lovely plumaged Black-tailed Godwit.  A nice sight for the day were a few Golden Plover, all facing East… A few Snipe, Little Egret and a hovering Kestrel completed the day.

Trip list: 35
Year list: 190
Lifers of year list: 27


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