27th September 2014 - Kilnsea

Only 2 weeks after our first ever visit to Kilnsea and Spurn, we were back on the road with Oliver Simms from NGB, heading there again hopefully to see the Masked Shrike.  A Barn Owl was our first spot of the day from the car when it was still dark.  The Masked Shrike was showing well but distant.  We had a short walk around Kilnsea after seeing the Shrike, where we saw a variety of species including many waders and a Sparrowhawk.  We were lucky enough to be with Oliver when he received a call from Tim telling him to get immediately to the Warren where they'd just caught a Common Rosefinch.  I'd actually mentioned in the car up that I'd love one day to see a Rosefinch, so this was a great experience for me!

Masked Shrike


Common Rosefinch
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