31st August 2014 - Dungeness

I love Dungeness anyway but this was a fabulous trip.  We started off at the entrance to the RSPB reserve, with a group of 5 Wheatear, doing what they do best by behaving like the Meerkat of the bird world and finding the highest point to stand regally on and look attractive.  I could watch them all day.  The first Yellow Wagtail we'd had in 2014 decided to fly over bellowing its little lungs out which led to general (muted) cheering and clapping, getting us some odd looks from cars passing by.
An alert then came up for a Wryneck, so it was off to Lydd Ranges for the first time, to drive up and down, completely missing the road we were meant to turn down for at least half an hour.  We did get distracted by our second, third, fourth...up to about thirtieth Yellow Wagtail of the year however, which was definitely worth it.  We finally found the Wryneck twitch and had a few short sightings of the bird, albeit through a heat haze.


We travelled back to the RSPB reserve for a wander around, where we saw lovely Garganey and completely missed two Honey Buzzard that must have been right above our heads.  Impressive.  The NNR provided little, with a lone Redstart being the highlight.

Pied Flycatcher
The last stop of the day was to another new Dunge location, the Denge Marsh Gulley.  It was full of photographers and birders and in the afternoon sun, a lovely location.  It was here within 5 minutes of arriving that I saw my first ever Pied Flycatcher, along with excellent close view of a Garden Warbler and Blackcap.

Millions of Swallow!

Trip list: 36
Year list: 191
Lifers of year list: 14


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