1st April 2012 - Holkham

After our afternoon at Holkham Hall, we thought it would be a good idea to have a quick walk around to see if we could spot anything good.  It turned out to be a good plan as we were there until sundown!  We wandered along to the beach on the off chance of Shorelark, but this proved pretty pointless.  A much better idea was had next, when we went to the George Washington hide.  From here we had a great view of a wide variety of things, including some Muntjac deer, ably identified by myself – ‘I can see something big!  I think it’s an animal?!  I think it’s a PIG!’.  Apparently it’s not a pig, nor did anyone else see the resemblance to boar.  My excuse is that it was far away and my binoculars can’t see that far.  The first Egyptian Goose of the trip was seen here and we had a great view of two Treecreeper and some bunnies chasing each other.  A lovely Jay kindly posed for us at which point we realised we didn’t have the camera.  A spot of moon watching took place before returning to the car and driving the short distance to The Victoria for a delicious fish pie with shrimp butter.

1)      Curlew
2)      Pheasant
3)      Oystercatcher
4)      Chaffinch
5)      Long-tailed Tit
6)      Goldcrest
7)      Woodpigeon
8)      Red Kite
9)      Mistle Thrush
10)  Skylark
11)  Shelduck
12)  Little Grebe
13)  Tufted Duck
14)  Mallard
15)  Robin
16)  Lapwing
17)  Shoveler
18)  Egyptian Goose
19)  Wren
20)  Blue Tit
21)  Jay
22)  Goldfinch
23)  Chiffchaff
24)  Great Tit
25)  Magpie
26)  Black-headed Gull
27)  Pied Wagtail
28)  Red-legged Partridge
29)  Treecreeper
30)  Cormorant
31)  Carrion Crow
32)  Marsh Harrier
33)  Blackbird
34)  Canada Goose
35)  Little Egret
36)  Coot
37)  Mute Swan
38)  Gadwall
39)  Moorhen
40)  Jackdaw

My year list for 2012 come to 128.


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