1st April 2012 - Kelling Heath

We met up with Andy again for a trip to Kelling Heath, the place we'd visited the night before where we had seen only 2 Linnets!  Luckily, there were a lot more birds around this morning and with Andy's guiding we found a number of excellent birds.  The first sighting was a flock of unexpected Crossbill passing over and then another unexpected event - a Tawny Owl calling just around the corner.  We hurried round and searched but unfortunately it wasn't to be found.  Carrying on walking, I spotted a bird up ahead that I couldn't quite place.  That turned out to be because I hadn't seen one before - it was a Woodlark!  
Shockingly bad picture of a Woodlark on a post.

A great bird and by the end of the walk, we'd seen a total of 5.  Whilst watching a steam train going through the heath, a Yellowhammer joined us for a nosey too, the first of the year for us. 

Choo choo!
The best bird of the walk though had to be a fantastic sighting of a Dartford Warbler, darting about on the top of a bush for all to see.  A trip to Holt on the way to Holkham Hall also produced a few birds, including Firecrest and Sparrowhawk.

A Blackbird nest with eggs.  Isn't it adorable!


1) Crossbill
2) Dunnock
3) Chaffinch
4) Woodlark - NEW FOR LIFE LIST!
5) Marsh Harrier
6) Linnet
7) Coal Tit
8) Buzzard
9) Chiffchaff
10) Mistle Thrush
11) Sparrowhawk
12) Rook
13) Yellowhammer
14) Blackbird
15) Kestrel
16) Dartford Warbler


1) Robin
2) Long-tailed Tit
3) Firecrest
4) Sparrowhawk
5) Blue Tit

My year list for 2012 comes to 128.


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