21st April 2012 - London Wild Bird Watch

The London Wetland Centre played host to the first ever London Wild Bird Watch, a rather magnificent affair which was much bigger and much better than we expected!  There were a range of walks and talks over the weekend, with big names such as Simon King and Kate Humble. 

We watched live the Peregrine couple on Charing Cross Hospital who went on to give birth to 3 adorable chicks a couple of days later and saw recordings of the fox family they have been studying.  There were lots of stalls selling interesting things and I finally signed up to the Bat Conservation Trust which gained me a cute cuddly toy bat.  Yeah!  Stuart and his mum both bought a new piece of  bird listing software (shall let you know how that goes) and we learnt about birding in the Falklands from a lovely gentleman.  We also got a quick walk around the reserve in (of course) and spotted the usual suspects.

Nene Goslings are pretty cute.  I may forgive them for being my nemesis based on the cuteness.

1) Coot
2) Moorhen
3) Canada Goose
4) Mallard
5) Parakeet
6) Woodpigeon
7) Blackbird
8) Tufted Duck
9) Grey Heron
10) Sand Martin
11) Chiffchaff
12) Carrion Crow
13) Little Grebe
14) Pochard
15) Gadwall
16) Starling
17) Lapwing
18) Mute Swan
19) Robin
20) Long-tailed Tit
21) Greenfinch
22) Jackdaw

My year list for 2012 comes to 138.


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