16th February 2014 - Otmoor

We had some time before we had to get home from Leamington so we headed down to Otmoor.  I always forget how big Otmoor is, choosing just to remember the path up to the feeders and back.  Ooops.

The first two sightings were a perched Kestrel trying to look like a Buzzard (and doing pretty well at it) and a pair of Bullfinch.  On the feeders were the usual species, with a welcome pair of Reed Bunting flying in and adding to the year list.  A Red Kite was seen in the distance over the trees and plenty of ducks including Pintail and Shoveler were on the pools.  Snipe were seen and an unexpected view of a Kingfisher was a bonus.

We set up camp with a great gentleman looking across over the reeds and stayed there until it was nearly dark and my feet were numb.  Plenty of great things were seen from here.  Over 1000 Golden Plover frequently were lifted into the sky with a similar number of Lapwing.  A Barn Owl flew towards us and showed off his hunting skills, soon to be joined by two more.  Both Little Grebe and Water Rail were very vocal but unfortunately not to be seen.  A great afternoon out all in all!

Trip list: 48
Year list: 104
Lifers of year list: 3


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