22nd February 2014 - Wolferton, Choseley Barns, Thornham Harbour, Edgefield

This weekend was time for another whistle stop tour of Norfolk.  On the way up the A149, I was battling with a hangover and not paying any attention but luckily Stuart was on the ball as he swerved off the main rd into the small road he recognised as being where the Golden Pheasant often was seen.  We had a slow drive around the triangle to no avail and then decided to take 5 minutes and sit in the lay by.  The Golden Pheasant was incredibly obliging and almost instantly wandered across the road.  Nice one.

Golden Pheasant

On to Choseley Barns in the hope of Corn Bunting and Grey Partridge.  Of course there were no Corn Bunting to be found and all three partridge we could see were Red-legged Partridge.  However there were loads of Yellowhammer and a flock of Brambling - certainly the most we'd ever seen together, although they rather paled in comparison to the 900 the gentleman at Otmoor was telling us he once had in his local forest.  That must have been a spectacle!  I then spotted a small head peaking out of the grass in a nearby field and happy days, it was a Grey Partridge.  As we headed off to our next destination we spotted a Marsh Harrier and stopped for a while to watch it glide gracefully along.


At Thornham Harbour we decided we weren't going to find the Twite we had come for and right we were.  We did get three additions to the year list though - Sanderling, Curlew and a lone Grey Plover.


We got to Edgefield late afternoon.  Parrot Crossbill had regularly been here for weeks, but where they there for any of the time we spent waiting for them?  Were they hell.  We did however pick up one Common Crossbill and a Nuthatch.

That blob is a Common Crossbill.

Trip list: 32
Year list: 111
Lifers of year list: 3


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