28th March 2013 - Chorlton Water Park

As I was up in Manchester visiting my sister, I decided to drag her, her 4 kids and my mother on a walk at the local park to try and impart a bit of bird ID knowledge.  I wasn't expecting much, but best to start off easy!  That we did, with House Sparrow, Magpie and Great Tit in abundance.  However, it all became a bit more exciting with a pair of Goosander and Goldeneye floating next to each other!  Next came a Kestrel hovering metres away which had the kids (and me) jumping up and down in excitement, it then landed to pose nicely for us.  A few Long-tailed Tit for good for my mother who only likes 'birds that are exciting to look at' and a pair of Bullfinch were welcome as always.  Two Redwing were still hanging about and an unusual bird was spotted - my mystery bird.  I'm still thinking about this bird every day, as I still haven't been able to ID it!

If you didn't catch the thread over at Birdforum, it was around Robin size, maybe slightly larger, with a deep red (possibly reddy brown chest), grey back and head and a white flash under the tail.  The closest I've come to it colouring wise is a Subalpine/Dartford Warbler and a bird a kind gentleman messaged me with, a Red-throated Thrush, which is *incredibly* similar to the bird I saw.  Any further thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated!

Trip list: 29
Year list: 123
Lifers of year list: 9 (+ mystery bird?!)

My first notion that this trip might be a little more exciting than expected!

Aww, snoozy snoozy Goosander

Hello sleepy Goldeneye

I love the tail of a Kestrel

The kids liked this Great Crested Grebe


Grey Heron freaking out at my nephews and nieve walking past

Good to see I encouraged some birdwatching!

Long-tailed Tit


Where I saw the mystery bird.  Incredibly helpful.


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