3rd March 2013 - Salthouse, Cley Beach, Wolferton Triangle, Thetford

Sunday was a day for driving all over Norfolk trying to pick up various things.  This was a welcome change to the walking of Saturday as I was beyond exhausted!  We had 5 targets for the day.  First stop, Salthouse Beach Road car park for rumoured Snow Bunting.  Plenty of lovely loud Turnstone around but no sign of the buntings.  Just as we were getting ready to move on, a flock (much bigger than I expected) swooped in and mingled with the Turnstone.  One down!  Our birding friend Jono (on a 'non-birding' holiday - pretty sure there isn't such a thing!) arrived to see them also and tipped us off that the Purple Sandpiper we had missed the day before was back and showing well.  So off we drove down the sea road to Cley Beach and there indeed was the little Purple Sandpiper, happily wandering around the pool.  Two down!  

There was then a short interlude as we popped to Cley Spy for a browse around the shop and a purchase of an iPhone/scope adaptor for Stuart, some cake at the lovely Art Cafe and a browse of the delightful Wildlife Sculpture exhibition at the Birdscapes Gallery.  

The next target was the White-tailed Eagle that had been flying around Houghton for a few days.  It had been seen in the morning and was seen shortly after we left - unfortunately this one was not to be.  Now we were over in West Norfolk, I was allowed to go to the Wolferton Triangle to see if the Golden Pheasant were about.  Luckily there were a small group of people already waiting for them and we joined them for a short while - we probably wouldn't have hung around otherwise.  The birds did wander out onto the grass verge eventually which was extremely exciting.  

One left to go and this was the Black-bellied Dipper in Thetford on the way home.  The Black-bellied Dipper is one of a number of subspecies of Dipper and was therefore very cute.  An added bonus was a brief glimpse of two Otter, so thank you for the lovely gentleman who pointed us in the right direction for that!  A busy day but with great results (oh and a Treecreeper at the side of the main road into Fakenham!).

Trip list: 34
Year list: 119
Lifers of year list: 9


Cheeky Gull

Snow Bunting drink time

Skipping Snow Bunting!


Golden Pheasant

Egyptian Goose



Mute Swan

Black-bellied Dipper

Cute hybrid geese



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