29th March 2013 - Mum's Garden

A quick post at how surprised I always am at what mum gets in her garden in Birmingham.  It's birds I suspect most people get in their garden, but a) they're super cool for a Londoner with just a balcony b) I lived there for 11 years and never noticed!  She has 2 resident Goldcrest, many fat Woodpigeon, a small army of Coal Tit, a few Great Tit and Blue Tit, a lovely Thrush, couple of Dunnock, couple of Bullfinch and the best of all - a Nuthatch!  That was just on the day I happened to be visiting and have a few minutes to watch the garden, there could be plenty more.  I think more are visiting since she got a new bird feeder - review to follow soon.

I'm also sticking in a photo of a Grey Wagtail I saw from my inner London, bird barren balcony - 3rd in 3 years!

Ahhh, Nuthatch on the feeder!  Too exciting

Blue Tit

Om nom nom nom, Mr Crow?

YES!  Grey Wagtail, welcome to Bermondsey.


  1. Do you prefer small birds then? There are some impressive ostriches in my neck of the woods.

    1. Can you get them to perch on a feeder?

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