6th April 2013 - Minsmere

We've been meaning to go back to Minsmere for ages and never quite got round to it.  I'd spotted a small group of Whooper Swans had been seen during the previous week and a couple of Garganey had arrived, so was hoping to add these two to my year list which has been rather static in recent weeks.  Unfortunately, neither of these were to be found but had an excellent walk round nonetheless.  A relaxed moment of watching the feeders swarming with Chaffinch and Siskin was interrupted by people running past to get a spot of the White-tailed Eagle flying past.  It was far in the distance when I got a chance to look through the scope at it, but was great to compare the size to a Buzzard.  Wowzers.

Nothing much was seen on the walk out to the sea, but a few Red-Throated Diver blown close to the shore were gorgeous and flocks of Black-headed Gulls were heading North.  A nice selection of Canada, Brent, Barnacle and Greylag Goose were around with plenty more noisy Black-headed Gulls.

Stuart has pointed out that my lifers list number at the bottom of posts is actually a UK lifers list and I should point this out.  I'm pretty sure nobody cares, but just thought I'd let you know just in case ;)

Trip list: 52
Year list: 124
Lifers of year list: 10

Song Thrush


This guy looks very comfortable.  Pretty jealous.

Once I got over the fact Avocet weren't 5ft tall, I realised they were still awesome.

Long-tailed Tit rarely stand still long enough for a photo, so thank you to this one.


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