20th April 2013 - Warningcamp and Arundel WWT

It was a toss up between Dungeness or Pulborough Brooks, but a Glossy Ibis turning up 20 minutes from Pulborough sorted that choice out for us!  It was off to Warningcamp in the glorious weather first, to look for the Ibis.  A strong haze made the viewing quite hard but Stuart eventually spotted the bird popping its head up from a ditch over by the railway line.  About 15 minutes later, after disappearing again, the bird came out of the ditch so we could get a better view.  There were also two Oystercatcher in the field, with a couple of Blackcap and Greenfinch.  A lone Moorhen in the same area as the Glossy Ibis provided us with a couple of false calls of 'there's the bird'!  An incredibly noisy Swallow also flew over.

Arundel WWT was very close by so we also popped in there for a 'quick' walk.  We left nearly 3 hours later.  Ooops!  Before we even entered the visitor centre we had a new one for the year, a very loud Sedge Warbler in the reeds outside.  The Nuthatch were out in force, as we saw around 4 (for me this is a lot!) and there were plenty of Pheasant around as usual here.  I embarrassed myself when I squinted at a female Reed Bunting and tried to make it into a House Sparrow but redeemed it by spotted a lovely little Wren singing at the top of its lungs.  There were a couple of Lapwing hanging around, with 2 Teal and 1 Pochard.  On the mammals front a tiny mouse came out to see what all the fuss was about when we were watching a Chiffchaff and Blackcap and a Water Vole was seen from the boardwalk later.  An awesome sight was the second Cetti's Warbler of the year, but a much better view than the previous time.  There was also a bird call that kept recurring and annoying me as I have no idea what it was.  A very clear 'pew pew pew pew'.  Any suggestions welcome!

Trip list: 40
Year list: 147
Lifers of year list: 15

Arundel Castle, the backdrop to the Glossy Ibis
Worst ever picture of a Glossy Ibis. *bows*


Tra la la la

Blackcap darting off


Wanted to make friends

Ickle mousey

Rubbish picture of the behind of a Nuthatch that looks as though it's dancing

Stuart also made a friend

Happy Robin


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