21st April 2013 - Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens

It was off to Hyde Park again in the glorious sun to meet some friends and drag them to try and find the Little Owl and the Tawny Owl family.  Needless to say, I didn't find them.  I'm beginning to think they see me coming and specifically hide.  In fact, I found Hyde Park overall quite quiet bird wise that day, possibly due to it being overrun with people.

There were a couple of geese around - Canada, Greylag and Egyptian.  Only a couple of Parakeet were in attendance and a Grey Heron was kindly posing for photographs.  When I popped over to the location of the Little Owl, I was surprised to see a Treecreeper happily hopping about on the tree next to his tree - apparently they're nesting there!  Very exciting.  The last sighting was also unexpected, a Mistle Thrush in a tree on the way out.

Trip list: 24
Year list: 148
Lifers of year list: 15


More posing

Tiny Treecreeper!


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