13th April 2013 - Greenwich Park and Crossness

The first part of Saturday was chasing.  There had been a Ring Ouzel in Greenwich Park the day before, so we went there to see if was still around.  It wasn't to be found, but we had a lot of great encounters in the short time we were there, from a Green Woodpecker flying past at top speed to a tiny Goldcrest flying inches away from Stuart's face.  A Great Tit tried to land on my hand, but Stuart scared it off as he whipped out his phone to try and get a photo.

Then it was to Crossness to hopefully see the Green-winged Teal that was hanging out there.  Thank you to the lovely people that gave very precise instructions as we passed them - it was easy to find after that!  Surprised at the obvious differences, although the same overall look.  He looked extremely happy.  There were also Black-tailed Godwit, many in beautiful summer plumage.  Arctic Tern had also been seen passing but unfortunately we didn't spot them.

I then had a bit of a tantrum and wanted to go to Rainham so we headed off there...

Trip list: 32
Year list: 137
Lifers of year list: 12

Green-winged Teal

Black-tailed Godwit



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