15th April 2013 - Wormwood Scrubs

This was our first ever visit to Wormwood Scrubs, despite it being right next to where Stuart works (no, not the prison).  I'll certainly be going back again as it was wonderful and the other birdwatcher we met whilst there was lovely.  It helped that it was a gorgeous day and all the missing migrants had arrived.

The first thing that we saw (after the millions of Carrion Crow) was a Whitethroat, something I wasn't actually expecting!  Seconds after, my first ever Common Redstart zoomed past.  Beautiful bird, I got to see a lot more after, perching out in the sun!  There were 4 Wheatear on the playing fields, another first for the year.  I adore Wheatear, so this was a good sighting.  Lots of Meadow Pipit popping up from the grass was a great sight.

As we were heading off something that looked suspiciously like a Pied Flycatcher flew past, but unfortunately landed out of view.

Trip list: 17
Year list: 144
Lifers of year list: 13

Little woodland part


Meadow Pipit

Common Redstart

Wormwood Scrubs

Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipit


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