30th April 2013 - Holmer Green

I had a great birdwatch on the morning of the 30th - I counted 18 species whilst lying in bed!  We were visiting Stuart's mum and her garden gets all sorts of goodies, I'm very jealous.  There were lots of finches - something when thinking about I found interesting, as my mum's garden doesn't get a single finch!  A Treecreeper climbing up the tree in the next door garden is a great sight to wake up to and a pair of Blackcap on the feeder with a Great Spotted Woodpecker is awesome.  A quick visit by a Siskin was a surprise too.

Trip* list: 18
Year list: 149
Lifers of year list: 16

*I got out of bed to go to the window.  This counts as a trip.

Blue Tit




Male Blackcap eyeing up the fruit




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