13th April 2013 - Rainham Marshes

Despite not having much time, we rushed to Rainham Marshes for a quick jaunt round.  This involved crossing the river at the Dartford Crossing - where they fobbed us off with a tunnel.  I wanted to go on the cool bridge!  Hmph.

Considering we practically raced (well, Stuart raced, I lagged behind and was pretty much unable to walk by the end), we managed a decent list of 37 species.  Notable species were the 6 Sand Martin gambolling on the Purfleet Scrape, a low flying Reed Bunting along the stream beside the path and the back end of a Water Vole.  I then heard an interesting call from towards the visitor centre and spotted a bird barrelling towards us. I turned to ask Stuart what on earth it was but he had no idea - until it turned and we saw the lovely blue and orange feathers.  Hello first Kingfisher of the year!  It circling around for ages, calling and showing off.  Seconds after, Stuart spotted a Stock Dove.

Trip list: 37
Year list: 138
Lifers of year list: 12

Welcoming Collared Dove

Reed Bunting

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Cheeky rat in the feeder!  Can't even workout how he got in...

Collared Dove

Reed Bunting


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