9th April 2013 - Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens

I was feeling a little better, so decided to take a mid week trip to Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens in hope of Wheatear, Tawny Owl and Little Owl.  Hilariously enough, I missed out on all these.  Special.  In my defence, the Tawny Owl weren't seen for a couple of days around then, the Little Owl was only spotted briefly in the morning and the Wheatear did a runner.

Parakeet were in plenty of supply and a tiny Treecreeper put on an appearance.  I saw 4 Great Spotted Woodpecker and a muscley Green Woodpecker.  There was also a lone Sand Martin tumbling around the north end of Long Water, my first for the year.  Another first for the year was a sleeping male Mandarin.

I've realised I've somwhere missed out 3 birds on my year list...hmm.  That's to explain the jump to 135!

Trip list: 29
Year list: 136
Lifers of year list: 11

Great Tit
Great Spotted Woodpecker
This Carrion Crow had odd tail feathers.  I liked them.
I made a Chaffinch friend.


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