7th April 2013 - Abberton Reservoir

The final visit for the day was on the way home.  We rushed into Abberton Reservoir 5 minutes before it closed - sorry about that!  We were hoping to see the White-fronted Goose that had been around, but luckily we were told they were seen on a different part of the reservoir which was outside the area accessed through the visitor centre.  We headed to the causeway where they apparently often sit on the pavement, but unfortunatly they were nowhere to be seen.  However, there are so many odd ducks and geese there!  They're annoying in that they decieve you at a distance, but awesome to look at and try and work out what they are/what they're a mixture of.  There are also a huge amount of Mute Swan there which is lovely.  The main excitement of this trip was a small bird I noticed gamboling over the water - the first Swallow of my year!  Excellent.  The trip was nicely rounded off with a Barn Owl in the adjacent field.

Trip list: 22
Year list: 130
Lifers of year list: 11

A couple of the many swans.
What even is this?!  (Apart from adorable)

My hilariously bad photography of a Barn Owl


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