29th April 2013 - Wormwood Scrubs

I had an hour to kill as I waited for Stuart to finish work, so I had another wander around Wormwood Scrubs.  Unfortunatly, the Pied Flycatcher had moved on by then, but I did spot what I think was a lifer for me - a Whinchat.  I've only got one photo which is of any use and I've stuck that below, so please confirm if it is!  That is also the only photo I have from that walk for some reason, I have no idea what happened there.

There were plenty of Meadow Pipit doing lovely display flights which I sat and watched for a while.  There were also Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaff around.  I really like Wormwood Scrubs, can't believe Stuart doesn't go there more often when he only works across the road!

Trip list: 17
Year list: 149
Lifers of year list: 16

Is this a Whinchat?


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