24th April 2013 - Crayford Marshes

On your first long walk out by yourself during an illness, don't choose a circular route with no options to get off the path.  This was a big mistake, I was practically dragging myself along the ground by the end of it.  Doh!  It was a lovely walk though, resulting in a lot of sunburn.  Double doh.

I spent most of the walk round inundated with Whitethroat and therefore most of the photos below are of Whitethroat.  It was a desperate attempt to find a Lesser Whitethroat by hopefully getting home and spotting one I'd missed out in the field.  It was not to be.

There were 2 Sand Martin and many Swallow about, no Little Owl to be seen but the trees were full of Parakeet as usual.  A Little Egret was lurking and a couple of Oystercatcher sitting on the side.

Trip list: 29
Year list: 148
Lifers of year list: 15



Another Whitethroat

Yet another Whitethroat

Anybody feel like trying to ID this for me please?!


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