19th May 2013 - Tice's Meadow

Pagers lead to detours quite often.  The one we did on the way back from Somerset was to Tice's Meadow, for a Temminck's Stint.  Unfortunately, it had flown just before we arrive (and of course was refound just after we left) but I had a lovely sunny evening birdwatch anyway.  My first Common Tern of the year was spotted and a couple of Black-necked Grebe were floating around.  A Little Ringer Plover was also sighted through the haze on the other side of the water, another year first for me.  On the walk back to the car, Stuart managed to spot a Garden Warbler through the bushes, which we stood and listened to and watched for a while.

Trip list: 22
Year list: 159
Lifers of year list: 17

A silly looking Common Tern


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