27th May 2013 - Lakenheath Fen and Weeting Heath

Will I ever learn - DON'T GO BIRDING WITH A TARGET LIST!  You'll only ever be disappointed.  I went to Lakenheath with a list of 7.  I saw 2.  Silly billy.

So, there was no Red-footed Falcon, Crane or Golden Oriole when I was there.  Sob.  But I did hear the Savi's Warbler (Stuart spotted it one of the times it popped up, lucky!).  I was a little sad that I hadn't managed to see it until Stuart pointed out I'd seen one before in Hungary.  Phew!  There were a few Common Tern about, but the stars of the show were the many, many Hobby.  They get up late so weren't around when we first arrived but by the time we left, they were everywhere!  The Marsh Harrier were also putting on a splendid show, flying low over the reeds in front of us.  I saw my first Cuckoo of the year and tried to turn him into the Red-footed Falcon (in fact, I tried to turn everything into a Red-footed Falcon.  It was an embarrassing morning).  A Sparrowhawk flew over a few times and a couple of Kestrel were around, so a nice day for raptors.

It was then on round the corner to Weeting Heath for a hopeful spotting of the Stone-curlew.  Unfortunately they were just over the brow of the hill, in a layer of haze, so we could just about see a head and beak and briefly a whole bird when it stood up to stretch.  A hunt for a Spotted Flycatcher that had been seen didn't go so well but hopefully we'll catch up with one soon.

Trip list: 33
Year list: 160
Lifers of year list: 17

Marsh Harrier


Some cows

Hazy hazy Stone-curlew


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