Nature's Feast Twist Feeder review

I live in a 4th floor flat in the middle of London, so my sighting of birds is pretty rare and in the 3 years we've lived there, not a single bird visited the bird feeder we had up.*  So when Nature's Feast kindly offered one of their bird feeders to try out, I took it up to my mum's in Birmingham.  You'd think in the centre of Birmingham she wouldn't get many birds either, but as I've mentioned previously, she has a resident pair of Goldcrest and other great visiting birds such as Bullfinch, Nuthatch and Song Thrush.

We were sent the Twist Feeder, which is an excellent product idea.  It has 3 spiralling chambers, each with 2 perches, so you are able to provide a range of seed in one feeder.  Great for a small space where you can only hang one feeder but want to attract the maximum number of birds you can!  I found it to be heavy duty and has so far survived the massively fat pigeons and squirrels that my mum's garden attracts (/produces).

To get the seed in neatly, it's best to use a funnel as we did, but if you're filling it at the site where it is to hang, the birds are going to be happy for a bit of spilt seed so don't worry about being too precise.  It didn't take as long as expected for the birds to start arriving and they're so impressed with it, they don't seem too bothered when we go outside - a Coal Tit was perfectly happy with me standing next to him as he collected food for his lady friend.

All in all, I think this is an excellent feeder and am very grateful to Nature's Feast for allowing us to try it out.  I'm pretty sure the birds would like to say thank you too!    

*Since I took it down, we've had a Blackbird land on the balcony every day.  Hmm.


Fat pigeon eyeing the feeder up
I have no idea how the saucepan got involved


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